A downloadable game for Windows

Lock wants to go on an adventure to win the Victory Blade and achieve his goals. Play as Lock and meet new characters,rivals and enemies in this adventure. 

16+ (Very Bad language,Fantasy Monsters,Fantasy Violence) 

The game has 



Engine - RPG Maker VX Ace

Music - RPG Maker VX Ace and Aaron.Krogh

Art & Assets - RPG Maker VX Ace

Maker - VictoryBladeDev (Micheal_97)

Other -  Credit goes to RPG Maker VX Ace and everyone else. 

*This Project is completed but will receive some updates as there are still some issues with the game. But the game is still very playable*

*This is also my first video game project so updates might take a while before they come out*

* Please talk to every character in the game if you don't want to skip important events (this will be updated soon) 

* You can't go into all the houses* (This will also be updated soon)

* Some grammar issues* (This will be updated soon)

Install instructions

Your antivirus may think this game has a virus. I can assure you. It doesn't :)

You may also be told to extract the game as well.


Victory Blade.exe 352 MB
Victory Blades Notes


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Not sure what the purpose of 'Notes' is.  It only contains the following text:

This is my first video game project. 
This game will receive many updates. The story is finished so you can play
this game from start to finish but the game still has many problems which will
be fixed along the game. 
This game is also totally free! No payment for anything! Ever!